martes, 14 de agosto de 2007

5 reasons why entrepreneurs start companies

Lo encontre en el blog Learning Optimism, no se si estaran de acuerdo o no, pero es una forma de ver si fue esto lo que nos motivó a ser emprendedores... o si van a ser estas razones las que los van a llevar hacia el camino del emprendedor.

Les dejo un resumen del post, no dejen de leer el post completo

I love reading stories about what inspires people to start companies, write books, come up with new products. Two areas interest me the most: Where the idea for a company comes from and what factors go into the decision to actually do something about it.

Here’s my (by no means exhaustive) list of factors that influence the entrepreneur’s decision to actually do something about a new business idea:
  1. Satisfaction with current job/career.
  2. Sustained excitement about the idea.
  3. Being qualified to execute on the idea.
  4. Time. Turning an idea into a real product or a company is extremely time-consuming.
  5. Naivete. I hate to keep harping on this, but I think it is crucially important for entrepreneurs to have a degree of naivete about what lies ahead.

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