viernes, 17 de agosto de 2007

5 quick ways to set up business processes on the fly

Les dejo un post que me recomendaron de Escape from Cubicle Nation, a ver cuantos de ustedes toman los 5 puntos, y cuantos los usaron cuando crearon sus emprendimientos.
No dejen de leer el post completo, este es solo un resumen, en el blog Escape from Cubicle Nation esta cada punto explicado.

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If you are just launching your business, chances are, setting up business processes and infrastructure is the last thing on your mind. Usually, you are more concerned with things like:
How in the world will I get new customers?
Will my business idea work in the real world, or am I deluding myself?
Was I insane to leave my "stable" job and put my family's financial future at risk?

If you keep your focus and work diligently, these fears will generally dissipate. But you may quickly become overwhelmed with the sheer volume of details related to keeping a whole business afloat by yourself.
You will find that in the start-up phase of business, many of the vendors, government agencies, potential customers, media contacts and partners want the same kind of information about you and your company. So instead of digging through file folders and your "sent" email, here are five suggestions for setting up quick and dirty business processes and organizing your information for easy access:
  1. Create a "General Company Information" cheat sheet.
  2. Create email templates for common inquiries.
  3. Whip up a "media page"
  4. Start a bare-bones operations manual for common business processes.
  5. Create a folder of frequently accessed documents on your desktop.
With any of these quick and dirty business infrastructure tips, you can go crazy making them look pretty or technically flashy. A common trap for new entrepreneurs is to take too much time with internal processes and not enough time on external processes like marketing or pressing flesh with prospective customers. So while you could spend 40 hours creating a beautiful database to house your general business information for the next 5 years, don't at least at this point. Instead, spend 40 minutes creating a Word document, then enhance it later. When the big bucks are rolling in from all your new clients, you can hire someone else to make everything look great and function perfectly.

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