miércoles, 22 de agosto de 2007

5 Dark Secrets: What (Almost) No One Tells You About Starting Your Own Company

Un buen post que leí en el blog Learning Optimism. No dejen de leer el artículo completo.

Before becoming an entrepreneur I worked with many of them closely for five years. I watched them start, grow, exit, ruin, and shut down their companies. You’d think there would be few things about starting a company that would surprise me. You would be wrong.
During my still-very-short tenure as an entrepreneur I’ve discovered many things that have surprised me. Here is my list of 5 Dark Secrets of Entrepreneurship. I’m sure it’s not exhaustive.
  1. An entrepreneur, you feel stupid much more often than you feel smart
  2. Everyone is your greatest fan when you start, but support wears off quickly
  3. Regardless of your confidence level, you will often experience crises of confidence
  4. Nothing is ever right on the first try
  5. You will take everything personally
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