martes, 16 de octubre de 2007

The 8 Things You Need To Do Before You Launch A New Startup or Site

Les dejo un artículo para considerar, no se si para seguirlo, no soy muy seguidor de los pasos, o las recetas metódicas. Pero todo suma, a la hora de aportar/generar nuevas ideas y enfoques. Es del blog scoreboard-media-group, y el artículo le pertenece a Kevin Garnett

I have a new rule and it’s working out great. Before I start a new startup, joint venture, or site, I make everyone else involved watch this clip of Kevin Garnett gaming up. This is the type of focus, confidence, humor, and chip on your shoulder you need before you go live to the web.

All you need to do is:

  1. Load up the pump.
  2. Load up the Uzi’s.
  3. Load up a couple M-16’s.
  4. Load up a couple 9’s.
  5. Load up a couple joints with the silencers on ‘em.
  6. Just load up some clips.
  7. Round up a couple grenades.
  8. Get a missile launcher with, uh, a couple missiles.

That’s it. You’re ready for war.

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