viernes, 15 de agosto de 2008

Cómo conseguir publicidad gratis

del blog startup spark, espero que les sea útil.

With everything being so expensive, you might find it difficult to dig into the budget for publicity. Money aside, you need to create a “buzz” around your business.

Getting your target martket to notice your product or service doesn’t always have to cost you the big bucks. You can build interest around your product or service for free these days, and it will help you stand out in the crowd of competition.

Here are some free ways to get others buzzing about you:

First, get news coverage about your business or new product locally, nationally, as well as in your industry’s trade publications. Most people forget that trade publications are a major attention grabber, as you are being recognized by your own industry. Even your competitors will be buzzing as they read the trade publications.

Use your e-mail list to keep your customers and potential customers informed. Send out updated information about your company, offer tips and tactics, and answer commonly asked questions. This creates a community that is faithful to your business.

Create a presence on the Internet to help build buzz. Besides your own website, chat rooms and blogs are a good way of creating communication that develops your credibility. Offer advice and insights online whenever you can.

But the best and most efficient way to get your name out to the public is word of mouth.

The word of mouth technique is inexpensive and viral. So talk! Others will start talking to their friends who talk to their friends. Also, talk every opportunity you can find whether it is at seminars, meetings, and/or conferences to get your name out.

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