viernes, 11 de julio de 2008

How can I take a vacation when running a business?

del blog startup spark, espero que les sea util.

Yesterday, I asked the question, “Do startups take vacations?”.

Mike’s comment made me realize how attached I am myself to my iPhone, which gives me access to my business as much as I want.

So this weekend, I have decided to test if I can ‘live’ without my iPhone for three days.

Here’s how I am planning to do it:working on vacation?

1. I’m setting up an email autoresponder to let people know I’m unavailable and to contact my assistant in case of emergency. (I’ll be letting her know this, of course!)
2. Luckily, we already have in place an online operations manual with FAQs, so she can take care of practically anything.
3. If she can’t, I want her to live by the rule,”Is anyone bleeding? Then it’s not an emergency!”
4. I’ve also contacted another publicist I know and trust to handle calls from the media in my absence.

Look, if you feel you can’t afford to take a vacation then you’re long overdue.

I know it’s going to be hard. Three days without my iPhone.

Or maybe not…

I’m realizing no matter what happens, life goes on. Sure, I may miss a lead or lose a sale, but there will be others. And this much needed break will certainly help me gain more creativity and energize me to help my business grown even more.

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