miércoles, 16 de enero de 2008

Can You Expand, Delegate, and Trust?

del blog Planning, Startups, Stories, espero que les sea útil, una mirada inmteresante? saquen sus propias conclusiones. Acá esta el artículo completo.


"Running a small business for the first time means lots of new challenges. What part of entrepreneurship have you worked hardest on?" The New York Times asked E.B. Moss, small business owner, in Small Business Owner Profile:

EBM: As a friend of mine once said, "you can be the best gadget builder around. But you can only build so many gadgets in an hour all by yourself." Learning how to expand, how to delegate and trust others is the hardest part. That, and number crunching!

She's a promotion marketing expert, and owner of Moss Appeal™ — a 'virtual agency' based on a consortium of hand-picked experts. Last year she established Moss Appeal Green™ to focus on promoting companies' pro-social and environmental contributions.

The Times interviewed her as the first in a series of profiles of business owners.

I really like her answer. We talk so much about the idea, the strategy, and the planning, but not enough about building and maintaining the team.

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