viernes, 27 de julio de 2007

10 Questions Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors Are Going To Ask

Del blog de Ben Yoskovitz, para encontrar el por qué a las preguntas entren al post.

Les dejo las preguntas:
  1. So what’s your business all about?
  2. What’s the barrier to entry for competition?
  3. What’s going to stop big monster company in your space from copying you?
  4. Why are you raising the money you want to raise?
  5. How far does that money get you?
  6. Do you have any customers? Have you spoken to potential customers?
  7. What’s your marketing strategy?
  8. What are you coding in?
  9. How are you handling the technological infrastructure for scaling?
  10. What’s the team look like? What are your backgrounds?

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