miércoles, 26 de diciembre de 2007

To grow your business, you need to lead, not manage.

de startupspark.com, no dejen de leer el articulo completo.

My business, Cherry Communications, is in a growth stage. It’s exciting - and it’s exhausting. I needed help, but I thought it would take more time to train others and get things exactly where I wanted them to be, than to do it myself.
Jack G. Hardy recently wrote about this dilemma. He said:
Effective leaders are deeply aware they are ultimately accountable for the organization’s performance. They know they can’t achieve results alone. They give power to the organization’s core values. They develop a team they can trust unequivocally.
You see, I was scared to expand, because I thought I needed to manage. But what I really needed was to lead.
This summer, I was lucky enough to take Melanie Benson Strick’s Virtual Team Building Telebootcamp. As a result, I learned how to build an effective team and become a true leader.
And it’s working. I am more profitable than ever. Plus, I have more time to do other things - whether coming up with new ideas to make money, or just spend time with the family.
As a small business owner, it pays off in the long run to start thinking like a leader, rather than a technician or manager.
After all, most of us got in business for ourselves to create a better life. So start leading, even if it’s just leading you!

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