lunes, 17 de diciembre de 2007

The pitfalls of marrying an entrepreneur

Del blog de Fabrice Grinda - Musings of an Entrepreneur, que a su vez es del Financial Times, en fin, leanlo, esta bueno, y vale la pena. Todo suma, a la hora de estar informado en el rubro entrepreneur.

The Financial Times just ran a very interesting article on the pitfalls of marrying an entrepreneur.

As they point out:

  • We want to conquer the world and are willing to sacrifice almost everything, including our relationships, to the altar of success.
  • We want to be challenged in life and will not settle for anything.
  • We have a tendency to overpower, or at least try to dominate relationships and when it happens we get bored and break up.

This sounds exactly like my dating life :)

Read the full article at:

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