miércoles, 10 de septiembre de 2008

Unemployed to entrepreneur - don’t believe the hype

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With the economic downturn, I’ve seen tons of people losing their jobs lately.

But what I am really surprised about is how some think that they should become ‘entrepreneurs.’

diving into entrepreneurshipI have a friend who has fallen for this. He, after losing his job, has been trying to find a way to ‘make money online’ for a while now. After all, he said, he wanted to be like me. He dreamed about freedom to set his own hours and answer to no one but the boss (himself). He also has this idea that starting a business is recession proof.

I don’t know what planet he’s come off of, but it seems my friend forgot about the days I was struggling to keep my business going.

But there’s more… he’s fallen for the hype because he has become desperate.

Even though another close friend and I handed him a couple of entrepreneurial opportunities, he decided on a multi-level marketing program with the illusion he’ll make a ton of money quickly.

Look, I am not against such programs per se, but I do realize that the people who make the most money are closer to the top - and very aggressive. It’s not his thing. He’s going to fail.

It’s sad, because he is so skilled. He could do a lot of different things, but truly isn’t cut out to be an entrepreneur.

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