lunes, 12 de mayo de 2008

Five mistakes that startups make with their logos

Del blog startupspark, espero que les sea util.

Logo design is one of those strange little tasks that most entrepreneurs never really get much practice at, so it’s not surprising that most of us could use a little help in getting the best possible logos for our startups. Here are a few mistakes you will want to avoid en route to building a successful brand in your marketplace.

1. Not thinking about the message – A logo is more than just a pretty picture; it is oftengot your logo ready your first point of contact with potential buyers and you want it to carry the right message. Pinpoint the key attribute that makes you better than your competition and make sure your image highlights it.

2. Not being practical – What are you going to do with the logo? Think about where you will need it and make sure the logo that you are developing is appropriate for your intended purposes. If you’re going to be doing a lot of online banner advertising, make sure the logo looks clear when it’s scaled down in size. If you’re going to be buying staff uniforms, get your team involved before you pick swamp green as your new corporate color.

3. Relying on the ol’ Do-It-Yourself – While it is amazing what you can do with Microsoft Word nowadays, absolutely no-one in the world will mistake a DIY masterpiece for a professionally designed logo. Clipart will always look like clipart regardless of your design expertise

4. Not bothering to test – While the logo is yours to admire and cherish, don’t forget it’s also there to attract customers. Before you commit to a new logo, run it past a few of your customers (or potential customers). A thumbs up from your spouse just won’t be enough to ensure you’ve got a logo that works for your market.

5. Picking the first designer you find – All designers are different. Prices for custom logo design can range from $100 to $10,000, so unless you’ve got buckets of startup cash lying around, you will certainly want to research your options. Set yourself a budget based on how important the logo will be to your success, and then go see what you can find online.

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